About Us

About UsAt Accent on Résumés, it’s a great day when we get a call or email that starts like this: “Just wanted to let you know I got the job…”  We’re a family owned and operated business and feel a strong sense of dedication to all of our clients.

Your Job Is Our Job

Our job is to help you get the job of your dreams. We’ve been doing it for over 25 years and have enjoyed working with over 5000 clients.

Satisfied Clients

But best of all are the days when a satisfied client seeking a new position comes back for our help. Today, much of our business comes from repeat and referred clients. Clients who’ve become friends, like Noelle. Read Noelle's letter About Us.

Rebecca L.
My experiences with Accent on Resume have been exceptional. My resume and cover letter look fantastic, the responses were timely, and Jeannie is very professional. They answered all of my questions and catered to my needs. I have already recommended this service to others!
Bonnie K.
Accent on Resumes has made job hunting so much easier! The first time, Jeannie created my resume completely from scratch, and it came out great! Now all I do is keep her informed of updates and my resume is always ready to go. Not to mention that her help with sending out a mailing to all of the school districts in the area was AMAZING, and led to several interviews!
Lisa Ann
Absolutely 5 stars, so professional and kind!! Jeanie was so helpful in so many ways. Worth the money and highly recommended!
Lisa G.

Wow. Thank you so very much for your time and advice.

Your writing skills and formatting are extremely professional as you are so articulate.

I received 15 interviews and 3 job offers. I can’t thank you enough!


Some may say that teachers, police officers, and community helpers are amazing people because they help others; however what you do is amazing. I want you to know your words have inspired me and have kept me going in times where I wanted to give up.

I always talk highly of you and recommend you to others! Thank you again.

Mike D.
I want to thank you for your help with my resume. I found a great job as a financial advisor about a month ago. If I know of anyone who can use your services I will refer them to you. Thanks again!
Joan H.
I’ve been meaning to write to you to let you know that I have been in a new position since last April. I got my new job on the first interview out and he said my resume stood out from over 300 resumes (he picked the top 20 to interview). Thank you so much!
Kelly R.
Thank you so much for your amazing work! You allowed me to be seen first through my cover letter and resume which led me to this job. I cannot thank you enough!
Nicole O.
I just wanted to inform you that I received a full time position for this September, 2016. Thank you so much for all of your help. My resume was definitely a major factor in obtaining this position.
Lindsay B.
Thanks for all your help! After going on several interviews I received 4 job offers!

Our Business

At Accent on Résumés, résumés are our only business. We’re great writers, but we won’t try to sell you a website, blog or newsletter. And, although we love to travel, we’re native Long Islanders and understand the Long Island job market and know what employers are looking for. Truth is, there’s a good chance we helped your interviewer land their job.

We Love Teachers

While we specialize in teachers and education administrators, we also have extensive experience producing custom resumes for others ranging from administrators to engineers to executives (think CEO, CFO, COO) to security professionals, and more.

To get started, call us at 631-447-1515 during business hours, or email us any time. And don’t forget to let us know when you get the job. Please. Make our day!